De Modellen Club is always looking for NEW FACES!
If you want to register your child, please send an email to:
Title: Register + full name of your child.
* First and last name child:
* Date of birth:
* Body Length:
* Clothing size:
* Shoe size:
* Eye colour:
* Hair colour:
* Telephone number:
* Adres:
* Social security number:
* Instagram account:
* Experience:
* Registration other agencies:
* Exclusivity other agencies:
With that send a maximum of 2 pictures in colour, 1 of the face and 1 of the full body.
Please note: Only if we are interested in registering your child, you will receive an email from us within two weeks after registration.
Met Vriendelijke Groet / With Kind Regards,

Joice Martherus van Dijk